Measuring Stress Level

English speaking skills are required not just during the P360 test (which can take 10 minutes to as long as 2 hours) or for a business presentation. Throughout the day, employees are required to concentrate for long hours and are under a certain amount of stress. In addition to this, having to focus on English speaking skills can have a negative effect on the employee’s overall business performance. We consider it important that a person can speak English under a moderate amount of stress or tension and the P360 testing system will be able to measure this factor.
Cross cultural experience

Experience living in foreign countries
Ability to present Japanese culture
Analysis of High/Low context

Ability to adapt to Global Environments

Speaking frequency
Accuracy in listening comprehension
Ability to respond to unanticipated topics of conversation

Measuring TN Levels

In P360 we measure TN (Thinking Noise). Thinking Noise is the ‘Aah’ and ‘Umm’ sounds and phrases such as ‘Let me see..’ and ‘How can I explain…’ that we tend to say before starting a conversation in English. We consider a candidate with a high level of TN to have a high level of stress and therefore lower adaptation in an English speaking environment.