Why 3.5?

Candidates with P360 scores of over 3.5 (7 or above out of 10 levels) are considered to have the standard level of English required to actively participate in a global business environment, most likely in a foreign company based in Europe. The candidate should feel very little stress when speaking in English and the conversation should come naturally.

Performance level of candidates with P360 scores of 3.5 or more
  • Ability to actively participate in discussions with English speakers within a foreign company.
  • Ability to deliver an effective presentation to English speakers
  • Ability to speak fluently with little thinking time and pauses in between sentences.
  • May have slight grammatical errors or vocabulary mistakes but is able to use English in order to get the job done.

    World Business Standard

3.5=Work Ready or Not

Ratio of employees with scores 3.5 and above

For foreign companies that have a branch office in Japan, we recommend that 20% or more employees have a P360 score of 3.5 and above. For Japanese multinational corporations, we recommend the figure should be 7% or more.

Employees with scores 4.0 and above

Candidates with scores 4.0 and above are considered close to the level of a native English speaker. Our data shows that almost all candidates that belong in this category has had 5-10 years experience living abroad. The percentage of employees in a Japanese company with scores 4.0 and above is 0.7%. The number of people who have experience living abroad increases with the size and scale of the company.