In combination with other tests

P360 test can be taken in combination with other English language tests. However the correlation between P360 and each of these test is not very high. P360 measures the ability to respond in an actual business situation and the communication level required in Japan/foreign joint venture companies. As a result, the scores may vary compared to other English language tests. The P360 test is not available to the public and the nature of the test makes it very difficult to prepare, which is the reason why the test scores can vary quick significantly.

Non disclosure and Anti-preparation for P360 test

In P360, the standard for measuring English speaking ability is quite different compared to other tests. This is because P360 considers the Human Resource Management aspect of the candidates speaking skill and this makes the evaluation system very unique and different to other tests.

P360 Speaking Evaluation

SWLR Evaluation

Japanese companies often point out the issue of P360 scoring system not having a high relativity with TOEIC scores. We do not assess our candidates based on the intention that it will produce similar results compared to other English Language tests. Our clients have previously commented that our scores vary quite significantly with other English Language tests. However, we do not have plans to produce a score comparison chart as of this moment.