Personal Information Protection

P360 realizes the importance of protecting personal information and we will ensure that personal information is handled appropriately and ensure a safe and secure management. To implement this, we have established the following guideline ‘Personal Information Protection Policy’ and disclosed the contents to our employees and the general public. In the event we ask for employee personal information, we will notify the individual and obtain the information in the appropriate method. The information will be used for limited purposes only such the management of employee list and their employment information and we will place appropriate measures not to use this information otherwise. In the event we outsource the use of personal information to a third party, we will sign a contract and supervise the party. Appropriate measures will be taken to prevent information leakage, however, if there is an emergency situation, we will take immediate steps to prevent the outspread of the situation. We will conform to national personal information law and other government regulations and create a ‘Personal Information Protection Management System’ which complies with JIS standards (JIS Q 15001:2006). All employees will be trained and educated on Personal Information Protection and we will place resources to manage and maintain this standard. The following consumer service center has been setup to respond to all inquiries concerning personal information within P360. Any changes to the information will be done by following the appropriate method and verifying the individual .