P360 in Numbers ①
87% of users are Foreign Affiliated Firms

87% of companies that implement the P360 test are foreign affiliated firms or japan joint venture firms. 90% of these firms are from North America and Europe. The need is increasing for resources that are ready to work abroad or able to work in a bilingual environment and native, non-native workers are required to work together more efficiently.

P360 in Numbers ②
Continue Rate 92%

92% of companies that take the P360 test continue to take the test within 1 year of implementation. Our customers realize the merit of evaluating their employees based on the actual needs of a global business environment.
P360 in Numbers ③
67% of candidates use English for over 50% of the week

Based on our survey, candidates who use little (less than a day) to no English at work accounted for 33%, people who use English 2-3 days a week accounted for 37% and people who use English everyday accounted for 30%. This shows that more than 67% of people require work-ready English in a business environment.

P360 in Numbers ④
Annual number of examinees - 12,000

More than 12,000 people from all over the world take the P360 English Examination Test. This is the number of examinees that work in large corporations of 100 employees or more, and does not include students or candidates that have taken the test multiple times.

* Candidates that have taken the same test multiple times within the same year will be counted as 1.

P360 in Numbers ⑤
Total Number of Candidates – 100,000

Our data consulting and analysis has been consistent in the past and the total number of examinees has exceeded 100,000 (as of Oct. 2015). The average score, Median score, percentage of candidates reaching 3.5 points vary largely according to the candidate’s race, country, job description and company department. Ethnicity, nationality and the candidate’s native language are important factors that effect the overall company ratio.