Q How much is it to implement the P360 test and how much is the examination fee?

The P360 examination fee varies depending on the number of days before the test results are delivered, whether they require operation consultation, implementation size and distributor terms. In 2015, the average examination fee for 1 employee was 6,200 yen. For Consulting firms or HR Training companies, the price may vary upon the decision of our distributors.

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Q Can we take a trial test?

From January 15th 2016, we will accept a maximum of 5 people from the department taking the test. Please contact us or our distributor for details.

Before January 15th 2016, we accepted a maximum 10% of the total number of examinees. Depending on the distributor, the number of people allowed to take trial tests may vary, however currently we accept up to 5 people.

Q Can we listen to our P360 test recordings?

The voice recordings on Cloud System will be saved for 60 days from the day of the test. The data is deleted after 60 days due to confidentiality and quality assurance purposes. contact us or our distributors for more information.

Cloud system assesment data.
Q Can we take the P360 test outside of Japan?

The entire process, Test Reservation → Test → Receiving results can be done through the internet. This means that candidates can take the test from anywhere in the world. We have test centers in both Japan and U.K., so we switch test centers according to the time of the candidate’s location. Japan, South East Asia, India, China and Korea belong to the Japan test center and North and Latin America, Europe and the Middle Eastern countries belong to the test center in U.K.

Test available in 40 counries.
Q I reserved a test date but I was busy and couldn’t take the test. Do I still have to pay the examination fee?

Once a time is reserved, the examination fee is automatically allocated.